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GRAND LAKE web designs

Affordable Website & Graphic Design Agency

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Mobile Friendly Websites from $495

GRAND LAKE web designs

Affordable Website & Graphic Design Agency

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Mobile Friendly Websites from $495


Website MaintenanceHosting & Care Plans

Can’t find your web developer. Over two years since you heard from him/her? 

We don’t build websites and move on . . . we are here every day to keep the sites that we developed running in top condition. Our WordPress Care Plan services are shown below.

I appreciate the great service you provide and your almost instant availability.

Rev. Roy Trepanier
Executive Director, Ezra Canada

Website Updating is Critical to Your Online Presence

Our Care Plan system checks update status 24/7, and when an update is needed we update immediately. Every day!

Why every day? Websites break because the themes and plugins are not updated, and they get hacked because of these vulnerabilities.

Performing updates when needed will:

  • Ensure that your website is always secure
  • Improve your overall website performance
  • Prevent and fix bugs and other errors as they occur
  • Take advantage of improving technology

No Hassle Maintenance

WordPress Care Plan System

We depend on SiteGround (approved by WordPress. ORG) for website hosting. We also depend on Wordfence for timely notification of needed maintenance actions. And we depend on Godaddy Pro’s dashboard for performing individual and bulk updates, and for streamlining the maintenance tasks across all client sites.

Care Plan Components

WordPress Care Plan Pricing Schedule

Care Plans are not contractual. . . they may be added to or terminated at any time.

Services Not Covered By Care Plan

Hack Recovery. We can’t promise that your website will not be hacked because WordPress core code, hosting and third-party plugins or themes are out of our control. There is no way to guarantee that malware or a hacker won’t find their way into your website. We can only confidently say that keeping the website up to date and monitored is the best way to prevent it from happening. And, we can promise we will do everything in our power to prevent it, as well as assist in the restoration of backup files.
Work not covered by Maintenance Plan is billed at $50.00/hr.

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