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We create visual concepts that communicate ideas that inspire and inform. In addition to website development our products include digital design, unique illustrations, brochures, photography, presentations, and animations.


Digital Marketing VideosSocial Media

Over 25 years of experience developing digital video products for military and commercial clients.

Vertical Aspect Ratio Videos

The majority of Facebook users operate Facebook from their mobile devices, and vertical and square format videos are the most popular videos in mobile newsfeeds. According to a 2018 study, 56.3% of top-performing Facebook videos were either square or vertical.

Typical formats include 9×16 used with Facebook and Instagram Stories and Facebook (Full Portrait), 4×5 used with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, 2×3 used with Facebook, and 1×1 used with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (Square).

Facebook Cover Videos

Let us bring your Facebook business page to life by replacing your static cover image with a dynamic cover video. Cover videos include video, images, animations, and audio, to advertise your product more effectively. Video must be between 20-90 seconds in length.

Static Cover Photo

Dynamic Cover Video

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