Turn First-Time E-Customers Into Loyal Shoppers

by | Apr 4, 2022

With so much competition on the eCommerce front, small businesses need to engage with their target market, turn followers into customers and build communities around their products and services in order to stay in the game. But how do you get your audience to keep coming back for more? Let’s explore four highly efficient ways to build brand loyalty:

Design an Easy-to-Navigate Website

Shoppers are more likely to come back when they have a great experience using your website. Choose eye-pleasing colors and fonts, a clean, organized design that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, a clear call to action, and strong branding. Your website should be SEO-friendly to help it rank high in the search results. Responsive design allows your website to fit different screens, and it has become a must for companies whose audiences use smartphones and tablets as well as desktop computers. And to make your site more appealing, ensure your website is optimized with fast-loading pages. You can achieve that by using a quick image resizer online that will shrink the size of your photos and improve page-loading speed.

Create a Social Media Content Calendar

Whether you’re on one social media platform or on several, you need to map out a strategy for your content delivery and have a posting schedule in place for every channel. Staying consistent when posting content – be it video, audio, or text – will help in keeping your followers engaged. Knowing your ideal audience is essential for creating your social media content calendar, so start by establishing what their wants and needs are, what platforms they use, and when they’re spending time online. From there, you can create targeted content with a clear call to action at the end. And if you’re planning on being on multiple platforms, a project management tool can help you manage posts and keep track of deadlines.

Provide a Consistent Brand Experience

You can build shopper loyalty toward your business by being consistent in your branding, using the same themes and patterns across all platforms and channels you use to reach your customers. Design an eye-catching logo to represent your brand and use it on your stationery, business cards, and email correspondence. Use the same logo and color scheme when establishing your social media presence and designing the layout for your blog. Inspire trust in your company by always being professional, courteous, and timely when you engage with your followers online or with your customers via email or phone. Deliver your products and services on time, be quick to respond to inquiries, and be willing to accept feedback constructively.

Remember the 80/20 Rule

When posting on social media, use the Pareto principle and strive to deliver 80% of informative, engaging, or entertaining content while keeping your advertising content to about 20%. This will prevent your customers from disengaging, which has a high probability of happening if they feel you’re too “pushy” and only interested in making a sale. Engagement marketing is a powerful way to gain and retain loyal customers, and the key to its success is providing useful content for your audience. As part of your engagement marketing strategy, you can even let your followers interact with each other. Start the dialogue by asking a question or creating a poll, and let a community build itself from there, with your brand at the center.

Powerful strategies for turning one-time shoppers into loyal customers include developing brand awareness and creating engaging and informative social media content. Keep the momentum going by responding quickly and professionally to queries, and by consistently delivering great products and services: your business will soon become a powerhouse in your industry.

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