Terry Plays Piano

by | Mar 1, 2023

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Terry Jordan started “playing piano” at age 5 (ask him to tell THAT story onstage sometime!) and his career spans 50 years. To Terry that’s scary! …but to his Fans that’s FANtastic! …to have decades of music in his fingertips …memorized!!!

He has won fans across the country with his unique talent at the keyboard. His style of world-class musicianship combined with an engaging stage presence sparks an immediate rapport between Mr. Jordan and his audiences.

Whether performing on a Branson stage or on a cruise ship stage, for conventions or dinner crowds, Terry Jordan is a performer with an uncanny knack for knowing just what the audience wants… and giving it to them! Terry has had the pleasure of performing with celebrities and many others in his extensive career.

Music lovers of all types appreciate a performance by Terry, enjoying his diverse repertoire that ranges from classical to down-home foot-stompin’ show stoppers. Mixed in between are his lush renditions of Broadway and Hollywood tunes, a touch of country flavor and the Big Band sounds of days gone by.

Not to forget the good old gospel, Terry is a complete performer and delivers the type of entertainment and audience demands.

Terry Jordan is a Piano and Vocal Recording Artist who, from his home at Grand Lake in Oklahoma, appears across the Midwest in both solo and ensemble venues (Gospel & Giggles, Hometown Holiday, Tickles & Tunes, Yuleing Pianos, and Cherokee Yacht Club, to name a few!).  He has been Choir Director at several churches and Minister of Television Production And Music at Joplin Calvary Baptist. 

Terry is a fifth-generation Oklahoman with Native American roots and holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Music and Education.