Panda Mini Cows

by | Mar 2, 2021

Why People Purchase Miniature Cattle

Because of their feed efficiency and outstanding growth rate miniature cattle can be raised at a two per-acre concentration. Unlike the smaller breeds, large breeds can require up to five acres for only two animals. This means smaller acreage farmers can maximize the potential of their limited acreage. Besides all that, miniature cattle can make great pets.

Today the two-acre, five-acre, or ten-acre family homestead farm is becoming more common. The smaller cattle breeds are particularly well suited for these small acreage farms for several reasons.

Cattle are herd animals. You need more than one. A solitary animal just does not do as well as two or three together. With the small breeds, it’s possible to put two or three animals in the same area that you might put just one large animal.

Smaller cattle are 25% more efficient in terms of feed conversion than their larger counterparts and therefore eat much less. About 1/3 of the feed is typical. Miniature cattle come closer to a family’s needs than large commercial cows.