National Grigsby Preservation Foundation

by | Mar 2, 2022

Grand Lake Web Designs uploaded a site for the National Grigsby Preservation Foundation (NGPF).

The NGPF was incorporated in 2008 as a charitable arm of the National Grigsby Family Society (NGFS). The purpose of the NGPF is to provide family members with a resource pool for giving back to the greater community. 

The Foundation serves to preserve and publicize genealogical and historical information that represents the Grigsby Family and the eras in which they lived. The NGPF focuses on a museum concept that encourages the public to learn about the cultural impact of the Grigsby Family and their descendants. The Foundation seeks Grigsby surname individuals and their descendants for DNA testing to determine their genealogical connection to NGFS members.  

The long-term goals of the Foundation are to provide support for DNA testing for individuals seeking their Grigsby Family lines of descent and to create a physical and virtual repository for artifacts and heirlooms of the Grigsby Family throughout the generations.