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We create visual concepts that communicate ideas that inspire and inform. In addition to website development our products include digital design, unique illustrations, brochures, photography, presentations, and animations.

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A motion product built for web delivery will better communicate your story while also attracting attention to your site. It may be as simple as an animated GIF or as complex as a full video with animated effects and voice over.


Motion Graphics

Your website content drives your businesses message . . . keep it interesting and never boring. We have over 25 years experience developing technical and non technical creative content (graphics, video, & multimedia) for military and commercial clients.

Our Experience

Our Navy work involved the development of visual materials depicting the engineering support of new shipboard combat systems. We were successful because our technical background enabled a level of comprehension that provided us with the ability to conceive and produce the required graphics on schedule and within cost.

Much of the work was in the development of interactive DVD’s and other multimedia products that were provided as program briefings to the highest levels of Navy management.

Animated GIF’s

Videos take time to watch – a couple minutes at the very least. They also produce sound. GIFs offer a much more convenient, faster and totally silent way to express something. It’s the perfect combination between image and video. Animated GIF’s are essentially a mini video, with no sound, that can be watched from start to finish in as little as one or two seconds in a simple, auto-looping fashion.

HTML5 Key Frame Animation

When you need true user interactivity key frame animation is the best choice. Animations using the power of the HTML5 Canvas element, CSS3, and JavaScript enable not only hyperlinks and buttons, but also user intervention (clicks & mouse overs) to re-direct the course of the animation.

Animated Banner Advertisment

Animated Banner Advertisment

Video Animation

MP4 videos built with Adobe After Effects.

“Warbirds” video – still images set to music.

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