Facebook – Video & Animation

Our background in web design and motion graphics makes us uniquely qualified to offer a full range of Facebook Page services that will fully integrate with your business website.





Facebook Cover Videos

In May 2017 Facebook introduced the capability of adding cover videos . . .we jumped at the opportunity. Cover videos replace the static cover photo.

Facebook Cover Video

Static Cover Photo.

Dynamic Cover Video.

Replace your Facebook page’s static cover photo with a dynamic cover video. Cover videos are 20 to 90 seconds in duration.

Cover videos can contain video clips, still images, animations, and of course full audio, all of which will advertise your product more effectively. Four of our Facebook cover videos are shown right.

Our video experience includes the preparation of several 60 minute programs broadcast from KWHB, Channel 47, Tulsa OK, and product commercials broadcast from God’s Learning Channel in Midland, Texas.

Our software toolkit used in the preparation of website video includes Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Audition.

Motion – Animated GIFs

Videos take time to watch – a couple minutes at the very least. They also produce sound. GIFs offer a much more convenient, faster and totally silent way to express something. It’s the perfect combination between image and video.

Animated GIF’s are essentially a mini video, with no sound, that can be watched from start to finish in as little as one or two seconds in a simple, auto-looping fashion.

These animated GIFs were developed in Adobe Animate CC and exported as GIFs.

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