Data privacy and why your business needs to be concerned

December 13, 2019

Several privacy laws are now in place to protect the personal information of citizens of certain states with fines that can reach $2,500-$7,500 per website visitor. Nearly a dozen states have also proposed their own unique privacy bills, some of which will allow its citizens to sue businesses for having a contact form without a compliant up to date Privacy Policy. These states make note that businesses of any size and any location will have to comply.

Websites with as little as a contact form are collecting “Personally Identifiable Information” and will need to provide a compliant Privacy Policy to its users to avoid fines or lawsuits.

The next privacy law to go into effect is less than 35 days away (CCPA, $7,500 per infringement).

What can you do to get protected?

To be proactive about this issue, we’ve partnered up with a Privacy Policy generator called Termageddon. They will automatically update your website policies when the laws change, and they do it at a fraction of the cost of an attorney. The license costs $99/year, and we are charging a one-time setup fee of $100 to create the policy pages, insert/test the code and ensure your policies stay up to date with changes to the law.

We have put Termageddon’s policies on our own website –