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GRAND LAKE web designs

Blending Art & Technology to Present Your Business to the World 24/7

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Pixel Perfect Website Design

GRAND LAKE web designs

Blending Art & Technology to Present Your Business to the World 24/7

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Pixel Perfect Graphic Design


Grand Lake Web Designs

An Oklahoma Based Website Design Agency Currently Serving Clients in 10 States + Canada.


Prospective clients want to see, as well as read, what a website designer is capable of producing. Guided by the classic rule that “first impressions count, our websites are designed for that first impression. We do this by building with visually compelling content . . . content that will get you noticed and put your site a step ahead of the competition.

About Us25+ Years Experience

Grand Lake Web Designs is a professional one-stop website design agency founded by Paul Fogg. We have over 25 years of experience providing a full range of visual media products and services including web, print, and video. We are committed to producing pixel perfect cost-effective solutions that will be unique to your business and that will promote business growth. Client websites in ten states are a testimonial to this commitment.

Paul Fogg is the principal at Grand Lake Web Designs (GLWD).

For over fifteen years Paul (then known as Support Management Services, Inc. ) held contracts for Logistics Engineering and Computer Graphics Design Services at the Naval Surface Warfare Center at Port Hueneme, CA. The contracts were awarded after a nationwide search and competition. Prior to founding the company, Paul was a senior manager at a Fortune 500 company. His business credentials are complemented by a Masters Degree in Management (MBA).

Paul’s engineering experience coupled with his graphic design skills allowed the company to develop products that included multi-page full-color magazines, concept illustrations, trade show displays, videos, 3D design concepts, and the authoring of complex interactive multimedia DVDs. Since relocating to Oklahoma he has concentrated on website design and development.

Paul is an honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. Navy and is classified as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business under Department of Defense contracting rules.


Website Privacy Policies

Grand Lake Web Designs has partnered with Termageddon to help protect our clients against the threat of fines and lawsuits.

Why a Website Privacy Policy is Needed

Grand Lake Web Designs has partnered with a leader in the development and update of compliant website Privacy Policies.

Protecting Clients Against Fines and Lawsuits.

Over a dozen states have proposed or already are implementing privacy laws to protect the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of its citizens. Each of these laws have unique requirements as well as unique penalties for not complying. Some states are proposing businesses be fined over $5,000 per infringement (per website visitor). Some states are proposing private right of action (meaning citizens of that state can sue businesses anywhere in the US).

The California Consumer Privacy Act hits January 1st 2020. Penalty for non-compliance is up to $7,500 per infringement. These laws do not care where the business is located. The laws are only out to protect its citizens.

If your website contains any of the following you need a Privacy Policy

  • If your website has a contact form, it needs a Privacy Policy. Contact forms ask for a "name" and "email", which are examples of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). A Privacy Policy is already required by law for websites that collect PII and more are coming. States are proposing laws that will enable its citizens to sue businesses (including small businesses) located anywhere in the United States!
  • If your website offers links to third party websites (eg. Facebook, Twitter, etc), it should have a Terms & Conditions to limit liability. If your site provides links to a 3rd party website that gets hacked, you don't want to be liable for the users that visited the site because you provided a link to it.

Policy Update Strategy

You not only need a compliant Privacy Policy for your website, but you also need a strategy to keep the policy up to date when laws are added or changed.

Termageddon prepared policies are written by real privacy attorneys … not robots, and they automatically update whenever the laws change.

To learn more about the need to be prepared with a website Privacy Policy please visit the website.

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